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Naturally, the best way to get an accurate price quote is directly from me after I've seen your project; however, the next best way is when you can email me pictures of what you need re-done.  Use my contact page or email me directly at with your pictures, or use the guide below to estimate your own project before contacting me.  Click on any of the highlighted links for a more detailed explanation of how to figure the costs of all the different types of weaving.

The following is a guide to the way seating projects are priced out.  This is just a guide to give you an idea what it will cost you to have a chair re-seated by me, the final price will be determined when I actually physically inspect the project.  Please note, due to the demands on my time and the occasional troubles I have had getting people to come pick up and pay after their chairs are ready, I am now requiring full payment up front at the time of drop-off.

All work is done by hand using simple tools and you need to understand that I do my best not to cause any damages during the weaving process, but it can and sometimes does happen; usually minor scratches or dings in the finish.  I make no guarantees, implied or written, that your item will not suffer any damages while in my possession.

Unfortunately pick-up and delivery service is not an option, nor is storage.  Most of my caning work is done at my home in a tiny workshop area I carved out in the basement.  I am not able to store your furniture longer than it takes to complete the work.  Unless we have agreed to other arrangements in advance, you must come pick up within a week of being notified it is finished or I may assess a storage fee.


Hand woven strand cane...$2.00 per hole, most chairs. Oddly shaped or chairs requiring the very small sizes of cane will be priced upon seeing the piece in person.

Specialty cane patterns....$4.00 per hole

Pressed cane, click the link to see what the difference between strand cane and pressed cane is.  I am no longer taking on pressed cane jobs...sorry.


Standard trapezoid or rectangle................$60.00

X-large seat size, arm chairs, rockers (fiber).............$75.00

Seat frame (inserts, add-ons, etc)....................$75.00-95.00


Seats start at..................$115.00

Backs start at.......................$85.00

Removal of old seating material on fibre, reed or  strand cane jobs is an additional $10.00 per.

DANISH CORD (removal of old material not required)

Danish cord seat replacement prices start at $185.00 per panel due to the higher price of the material and the time involved.  



I truly appreciate all your inquiries and interest, but please note: I sell the service of weaving new seats on your old chairs or seat frames. I do not sell materials, I do not teach, and I do not sell replacement "rush" seat inserts. 

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