In our country's hay-days, when furniture was made in America by Americans, everyone had porches, and every porch had porch rockers and chairs.  If you have a porch, you need to put some chairs on it!  Hit the yard sales, flea markets and barn sales!  The old porch rockers and chairs were usually quite well made and crafted to last lifetimes...with the exception being the woven parts.  Too many of great-grand daddy's porch chairs have gone into the burn pile because no one knows where or how to get the seats and backs re-done.  I am the answer to the where and how...if you are able to get it to me, I can re-new it for you!

The prices shown in these porch weave pages are suggestive of an average sized chair seat and/or back using the most common sized reeds that I keep in stock.  All prices are subject to my seeing the piece in person, and whether or not you request reed sizes I do not keep on hand.  
Standard Porch WeaveStandard Porch WeaveClick here to see examples of some typical porch rockers and chairs in what I call the "standard" porch weave. Diamond WeaveDiamond Weaveclick here to see examples of diamond patterns Herringbone reed and binder caneHerringbone reed and binder caneclick here to see examples of the herringbone pattern in reed and binder cane