Fiber-rush chair seat replacement

Some chairs can have their backs woven like the one pictured here.  As long as there are four rails, preferably with enough room to pass a fist all around them (like the sides and bottom of this one), you can have a fiber-rush panel put in.  A back panel something like the one pictured here but with a more unobstructed top rail would be priced at a minimum $100.00.

Chair back
An example of "natural rush" seat

An example of "natural rush" seat

 This is an example of a "genuine rush" seat done by an acquaintance of mine, David Lehtinen.  Genuine rush, aka cattail rush, is much more expensive than the fiber rush; therefore most commonly used for museum peices or antique show pieces that you would not want to have your kids, animals, or clumsy friends get at!  David's prices start around $125 for an average side chair, like this one.  You can see also that the genuine rush can be very green, depending on the freshness of the cattail.  Some people do not like how green and/or variagated the colors are at does mellow to a more even shade of brown over time.
Not afraid of difficult tasks!
metal frame?
...not a problem!

Fiber-rush is a man-made twisted kraft paper that very closely resembles the natural rush historically used on Shaker style chairs, ladder-backs, Hitchcock and hitchcock style chairs, and others.  Any chair with four sturdy seat rails can be done in fiber.   Fiber is a much more practical alternative to natural rush for every day use and is much, much cheaper.  It is durable, and will hold up better when in constant use.  A well made fiber seat will last anywhere from 5-25 years or more, as long as you don't let your cats, dogs or rabbits get to them...if you have cats, you know the damage they do!    

I do not do natural rushing myself, but am acquainted with a master rusher and will be happy to refer you to him should you desire natural rush.

Prices start at $60.00 for a standar size chair seat, without arms or rockers.  Seat inserts, like those shown on the right of this page, are typically $75.00 for an average size...more if they are huge!  Again, there is that pesky $15 fee if you do not remove the old material first.

As with all types seat replacement there is a fee for removal of the old material.